Hoyt Buffalo Review

The Hoyt Buffalo is an expensive bow on the outer limits of bows not custom made for a specific archer. It is a take down recurve that is made for a bare bow, instinctive shooter. It is Primarily a hunting bow, and not a good choice for a beginning archer.


The Buffalo has been rated as the best production traditional hunting bow on the market. It is powerful and accurate with technology developed from Hoyt’s Olympic bows. It draws smoothly with very little vibration and it takes an extremely long draw before it stacks.


The Hoyt Buffalo has some sticker shock attached to it, and it is a bit too touchy for a beginner.

Hoyt BuffaloThe Hoyt Buffalo is a technologically advanced takedown recurve bow taken from Hoyt’s Olympic bows and adapted to a hunting platform. The archer can adjust both the draw weight and tillering (how the limbs work together) making the Buffalo a bow you can tune to your personal style so closely it will become an extension of your arm.

The machined aluminum riser of the Hoyt Buffalo is one of the most technologically advanced risers around despite its smallish size of 19”. It is one of the most comfortable bows to hold currently on the market. Hoyt uses a patented system (Paralever Connection System) to connect the limbs, and it provides the Buffalo with the stability and durability of the finest one piece bows.

The limbs of the Hoyt Buffalo have a maple core surrounded by carbon. This is currently the pinnacle of advanced technology in limbs and you will feel the difference in how they shoot from the very first draw.

The limbs store a powerhouse of energy, and in combination with the riser release as much of it into the arrow as any bow currently in the marketplace. The tips of the limbs are reinforced to use the most advanced strings.


The Buffalo is the most technologically advanced of any bare bow traditional hunting bow, so it is a bit schizophrenic. On one hand it represents the height of technology, on the other it is designed to be shot in the most primitive fashion.

While the technology adds greatly to the efficiency, speed, accuracy and stability of the bow, it still takes a fairly experienced archer to make it perform. The technology adds to the accuracy, but it does make the bow very unforgiving.

The Buffalo accepts a quiver and only a special one made for it at that. It is a bare bow hunter with every intention of staying that way.

If you hunt bare bow, the Buffalo will probably help you bag the limit sooner than any other bow, it will give you the best range you can ethically use and about the only animal too big to hunt with it would be a whale, which isn’t a problem because it won’t accept a fishing rig.

The Hoyt Buffalo will set you back a good buck, see if you can catch a deal on Amazon. You can’t really say it’s overpriced because less technologically advanced bows sell in the same price range, but its uses are a bit limited.

The Hoyt Buffalo Features:

  • Draw weight 35 – 65#
  • AMO Length: 60 or 62″
  • Brace Height: 7-8″
  • Mass Weight: 3.2 lbs.

It is sold for either hand.

Hoyt Buffalo Review – Final Thoughts

The Hoyt Buffalo is premium quality technically advanced bow for the bare bow hunter. It is not for the beginning archer and takes a certain expertise to handle. If you are an archer who shoots traditional bare bow and are at least intermediate, this is the most advanced bow on the market, and the cost reflects that.

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