PSE Stalker Review

The PSE Stalker is an affordable and serviceable hunting bow, and while it does not particularly stand out in any way it is an economical and easy way to begin an archery hunting experience. If you aren’t ready to commit to becoming a bow hunter, but want an economical way to try it out, the Stalker may well be your answer.


The biggest pro is the Stalker’s affordability, and the fact that it does give you everything you need to hunt even at its low price. It is a bow that will either have you hunting and upgrading, or deciding hunting is not for you.


The Stalker is a powerful bow usually only available in a limited range, if you can’t comfortably handle a 45# draw weight, the Stalker buying sustanon 250 isn’t the bow for you.

The Stalker can, perhaps, be a good buy for a beginning bow hunter, but it is definitely not for a beginning archer.

It is generally available only in hunting draw weight, and while durable, is not particularly forgiving.pse

It has a hunting range, even with the lighter limbs, of about forty yards in the hands of an experienced shooter, a range that takes it well into the medium and big game range.

The PSE Stalker is a compact, 60”, take down bow that accommodates longer draws with minimal or no stacking. The limbs are macore woods and hard maple, pretty much the standard for PSE recurve bows, the riser is made from shaddock and ramin hard woods. It is a durable bow and likes the outdoors, it is comfortable in tree stands, blinds and light enough to be a good choice for spot and stalk.

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The Stalker is a relatively comfortable bow to shoot if you can handle the draw weight. It has a smooth draw up to my thirty inches and the arrow leaves the bow relatively fast.

This is a hunting bow, however, the Stalker is drilled for almost all accessories. The Stalker accepts stabilizers, and sights with ease, and can accommodate a quiver or a fishing rig. Unlike some purist bare bow specialty hunting bows the Stalker opens up the bow hunter’s range of techniques.

The Stalker is available in 45 or 50#, and, of course, longer draws will be heavier. It will take down almost any animal in the Western Hemisphere up to about forty yards, and is outright deadly inside thirty yards.

The PSE Stalker is one of the best bargains available in a pure hunting bow. Amazon sometimes offers bargains on packages of equipment that makes it even more attractive wallet wise. It isn’t a fancy bow, nor does it perform like a top of the line bow, but it does cost less than half of what such bows cost. It is a convenient, durable and serviceable bow for a very reasonable cost, and an economical way to see if bow hunting is in your blood.

The PSE Stalker Features:

  • Draw weight 45 – 50#
  • AMO Length: 60″
  • Brace Height: 7.25 – 7.5″
  • Mass Weight: 2.84 lbs.

PSE Stalker Review – Final Thoughts

A reasonably accurate and powerful bow, the PSE Stalker may be the perfect fit for a first-time bow hunter. It’s low cost and versatility make it particularly attractive to anyone who wants to try bow hunting without breaking the bank to do so. The Stalker is only available in heavier draw weights, 45-50# usually, 40# and 55# occasionally by special order, so it is not a good choice for a beginning archer, it takes some expertise to handle and is a very good choice for someone stepping up to bow hunting from target and field archery.

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