PSE Razorback Review

The PSE Razorback is a beginning bow for children, although some women use it as well. It is produced only in very light draw weights and is primarily an introduction to archery bow for children. The Razorback is a take down recurve with limited choices for limbs.


The Razorback is an affordable bow to get kids started in the sport, it can be fully accessorized, and it doesn’t require an Allen wrench to remove or bolt up the limbs. It is a fairly durable bow given what it will probably have to deal with that is probably a very good thing.


The limb choices are 20, 25, 30, so the assumption is that the riser cannot handle more, which gives you a bow that children rather quickly grow out of.

PSE RazorbackAs a first bow the PSE Razorback can be used with children as young as six or seven. It has a length of 62” so a child would have to be very short not to be able to handle its slightly more than two pounds. It is a smooth bow and purposely easy to understand and shoot. Some women find they like it and it becomes their primary bow. Children however, tend to outgrow it by high school. It is stretching a point to carry it into the ‘youth’ category.

The limbs that come with the Razorback are laminate and particularly resistant to twists and separations. They are quality limbs and can be expected to stand up well even with the kiddies.

The riser on the PSE Razorback is fashioned from hardwood, and like the limbs are built to take punishment without breaking. This is a children’s bow, and some care was taken to be sure of its durability.

The PSE Razorback is drilled for nearly all accessories giving the child who owns it an opportunity to learn many different aspects of archery. Sights, stabilizers, quivers are all an easy install. And while the bow is too light to hunt with, it will easily accept a fishing rig and roll a few carp out on the dock.

The accessories allow a child to grow into the sport easily and with a certain amount of success to build on after only a few shots.

With the heaviest limbs available the Razorback has an effective range of up to thirty yards. A range that is certainly long enough to teach the basics, twenty yards is usually more than enough. It is smooth and easy to shoot, which is why some women who begin with it stay with it.

The Razorback is reasonably priced and its low price makes it very attractive as an introductory bow. Amazon does run specials on it and a peek at Amazon would certainly be a good place to start.

The PSE Razorback Features:

  • Draw weight 20 – 30#
  • AMO Length: 62″
  • Brace Height: 7.5 – 8″
  • Mass Weight: 2.2 lbs.

It is sold for either hand.

PSE Razorback Review – Final Thoughts

The PSE Razorback is a beginning children’s bow that is also used by women because it is smooth, forgiving and durable. It is a target bow primarily and is too light, even with its heaviest limbs, for any type of hunting. It can, however, accept a fishing rig and be used to fish from docks, causeways and even out on the water in a boat.

Its low price recommends it as an introductory bow for children as young as six or seven, and its durability allows it to be passed along to several children to learn the basics of archery.

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