Martin Jaguar Review

The bottom line Martin take down recurve, the  Jaguar is a popular choice for a first bow.

It is a durable bow and versatile enough to accommodate higher weights for hunters or lower weights for target shooting.

The Martin Jaguar is priced reasonably and offers a solid basis to begin the sport of archery.


The Jaguar is a shorter bow, at 60 inches it is neither imposing nor intimidating for the beginning archer. It is a comfortable bow to shoot and with heavier limbs, over 40 ponds, it is serviceable hunting bow for small and medium size game. It is a durable bow without being heavy.


You can’t tune out vibration, the hand shock may begin to govern how you shoot.

Martin Jaguar TakedownAs a first bow the Martin Jaguar combines many desirable elements for the beginning archer. It is an easy bow to shoot and very smooth to draw up to 28 inches and with higher pound limbs it has a feeling of power that beginning archers can feel. The grip features the Martin patented Thermal V technology that assures a comfortable and stable grip.

The Jaguar accepts wood/fiberglass laminate limbs, which have a fine reputation and can be counted on to hold up for many years. Martin limbs are known for durability, and resistance to twists or separations. The tips are reinforced so fast flight strings are no problem.

The jaguar has a machined aluminum/magnesium riser and a Thermal V protective dampening grip, it is a smooth and comfortable bow to shoot, which is important to a beginning archer. It is a light weight bow, easy to carry and shoot. Assembled, especially in the camo finish, the Jaguar is a handsome bow that the owner can be justly proud of.

Like all Martin take down bows the Jaguar accepts almost all accessories and is drilled to accommodate them. You can add a sight, stabilizer and quiver to the bow at any time, and a bow-fishing rig is also an easy hook-up.

With heavier limbs, 40 pounds and up, the Jaguar is a good beginning bow to take hunting. It can handle medium size game as well as turkey and vermin and hits well inside thirty yards. The shorter length makes it friendly when shooting from a stand or a blind.

The least expensive Martin traditional bow, the Jaguar is also recommended by its price.

The Martin Jaguar Features:

  • Thermal V protective dampening grip
  • AMO Length: 60″
  • Brace Height: 7″
  • Mass Weight: 2.7 lbs.

It is sold for the right hand only. 

Martin Jaguar Review – Final Thoughts

Low price isn’t the only reason the Martin Jaguar is an excellent choice for a first bow. It is easy and comfortable to shoot and it is a forgiving bow that does not exaggerate mistakes, a real plus for the first time archer.

The first time archer needs to feel some confidence from his or her first shot, and the ease with which the Jaguar shoots provides that. When equipped with heavier limbs the Jaguar can hold it’s own as a hunting bow as well.

It is short enough to shoot from tree stands and blinds and friendly enough to help the beginning hunter in much the same manner it aids the first time archer. While the price isn’t the only reason to make the Jaguar your first traditional bow, it is a very big factor in that decision.

The Jaguar is a high quality product of one of the major bowyers and as such it is a very good choice to begin an adventure in traditional archery.

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