Martin Mamba Review

The Martin Mamba is a specialty bow with it’s own little niche.

The fastest bow of it’s generation and still one of the fastest bows on the market it is a pure hunting bow, catering to the purist who makes hunting as challenging as possible, the Mamba doesn’t even accommodate a sight.


As a specialist’s bow, the Mamba is fast, provides a larger hunting zone, with accomplished archers as large as fifty yards, and hits like a Mack truck. For practiced bare bow, instinctive archers this is the pinnacle.


The Mamba is touchy, hard to tune, was never meant to shoot at targets except as practice to hunt. It stacks after 28” to the point that it is nearly testosterone enanthate for sale worthless to someone with a 30” draw.

Martin MambaThe Mamba may be nearly the equal of the Martin Hunter for the right archer. It is short so it accommodates tree stand and blinds well, it’s light and easy to handle spot and stalk. All in all for the bare bow hunter, with a draw of 28” or less, a dream with only one string attached.

The Mamba uses the same hard maple limbs with black fiberglass laminate as the Martin Hunter, which is unquestioned as the best hunting bow. In the shorter length and riser configuration of the Mamba design the efficiency is raised to the point that few bows are as fast. The Mamba is a fast and deadly bow, which is what it was designed to be.

The Mamba riser has a core of Bubinga, surrounded by Shadua, though that is subject to change year by year and the drifting hard maple and black glass of the limbs. It is a pretty bow, but sort of plain and all business when you look critically.

The Mamba doesn’t accept accessories; it is aggressively a bare bow hunter. There is no animal in the Western Hemisphere that a 45# Mamba won’t take down. And I’m not really sure you can’t harpoon a whale and drag it up onto the beach with something a little heavier.

This is not a bow for a beginner. Touchy, hard to tune and likely to turn off a first time user because they would find hitting the oft mentioned side of the barn difficult with it; it is a specialty bow for a special archer who loves to hunt, loves the challenge of a bare bow, instinctive shooting and has dedicated the time to learn it.

The Mamba isn’t for everyone, for it’s level and quality it is overpriced even at the discounts you can find on Amazon. Still in all, if you are the right kind of archer and hunter, it’s cheap at twice the price.

The Mamba continues to sell because, in it’s niche, with archers who refuse to compromise, it is the best.

The Martin Mamba Features:

  • AMO Length: 58″
  • Brace Height: 7″-7.75”
  • Mass Weight: 1 lb. 14ozs.

It is sold for both hands. 

Martin Mamba Review – Final Thoughts

The Martin Mamba is a specialty bow for a very special audience. For the bare bow, instinctive shooter it was built for it is a dream realized. It is not for a beginning archer, there is no way a beginning archer could handle it, and all it would do is sour the shooter on archery.

This is a bow with a single purpose. It is one of the fastest, deadliest bows available and it caters to the bare bow, instinctive hunter with a draw of 28” or less. If you are that, then you’ve found your bow, if not, stay away.

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