Archery Safety Tips For Kids

As adults, we enjoy the thrill and adventure of bowhunting; the essence of primitive association and traditional practice adds to the fun and excitement. No wonder our kids want to be included, which makes them so eager to learn archery so that they can accompany their parents to their bowhunting adventures. And because children look up to their parents, it is our duty to ensure their safety so that they can learn archery without encountering any mishaps. The following guidelines will help your kid to learn the art of archery in a safe and secure way.

Wearing The Right Outfit:

Here are a few considerations to make while getting your kid ready for an archery range:

  • Pulled Back Hair- Girls or boys, who have long hair, need to tie their tresses up properly so that the hair doesn’t get testosterone cypionate 250 mg for sale in the way of their bows. A simply ponytail will do the job.
  • Armguard- The child needs to also wear a proper armguard so that it remains protected even when the bowstring hits their arm. You can select from the wide range of options available in stores.
  • No Loose Clothing- Make sure that your kid does not wear any loose-fitting outfits to the range, especially on their upper body part. Also avoid any hood or scarf, or any other draping material, as they may drape over when using the bow.

Equipment Inspection:

archery for kidsPrior to shooting you should positively inspect as well as maintain the equipment, including the arrows and bow. Make sure that the bow used by your kid is age appropriate as well as properly tuned and fitted for the child. Inspection should include the following:

  • Aluminum Arrows- Inspecting these arrows is easy and includes checking the shaft for imperfections such as crack or dent in the arrow. You may also consider rolling the arrow on to any flat surface to see if it wobbles. In case you find any imperfection, discard the arrow right away.
  • Carbon Arrows– These arrows don’t generally bend without breaking up. Inspection will involve holding the carbon arrow with a hand on nock and the other on point, followed by bending the arrow. In case a cracking noise is audible (even if the sound is faint), discard the arrow.
  • Cable And String Check- The cables and string on your kid’s bow also require an inspection post every session (of shooting). In case you come across a loose serving or broken strand, replace or fix the problem before using the bow to shoot the next time.

Archery Range Precaution:

The range etiquettes and rules must be followed while shooting on a range. Your kid is expected to have knowledge about the rules prior to the shooting, so meet up with other archers or the staff for necessary assistance. Some of the typical rules include:

  • Be sure of what your target is and what lies beyond the target.
  • Make sure that all the archers have taken their position beyond the line prior to loading the bow.
  • Patiently wait for all the archers to complete their shooting, and proceed to retrieve your arrow only after you hear the word “clear”.
  • In case your kid is not shooting, they should stay 6 feet or more beyond the other archers. They should or also maintain low voice level.
  • It is strictly prohibited to point a bow that is loaded with an arrow on an unauthorized target, which includes another human or animals.

Don’t Pressure:

Even if you are excited about your kid learning to shoot, there will be days when your kid would not want to shoot any more than 10 arrows. Do not pressurize you kid to shoot more arrows so that they can learn fast. It doesn’t work that way! They cannot learn everything in one trip to the range. So, give them space, and make sure they have fun during their time on the range. Even you have had to spend a lot of time to learn to shoot properly, so there is no point in rushing things with your kid.

Patience is the key, both for you and your kid. Therefore, spend time educating your kid about the basics and once you see them improve, you can take the next step. The foundation needs to be strong, as that is the only way your kid will learn to master this art.

Final Words:

You need to tell your child all about the basic rules of archery safety, especially if they are just starting to use the bow and arrow for the very first time in their life. Such precaution will ensure averting injury while ensuring a safe and fun time at the archery range for your kid.