How to Buy a Hunting Bow – Ultimate Guide

There are various kinds of a hunting bows manufactured in different countries all over the world and it may be difficult to find the best hunting bow for you. Each of them have their particular features and is unique according to the features and characteristic. One is for the beginners, another one is for advanced ones, one makes much noise and another one does not, one is cheap and another one is expensive, one is of high quality, another one is not etc.

In order to concentrate and choose the best hunting bow that satisfies your needs you should carefully observe all the types of the  hunting bows and their characteristic features in order to reach the goals for hunting.

best hunting bow

There are some important factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a hunting bow.

Factors to consider when choosing the best hunting bow

1. The drew weight

best hunting bow

There is a chart of drew weights that are proper to different ages, genders and weights. The standard drew weight of a  hunting bow is 40 lbs. If the drew weight of a hunting bow is higher, the possibility to reach the aim of shooting straight to the targeted point becomes higher. The  drew minimum weight is for you shoot rightly in order to penetrate in the preys body.  Though the norm of a drew weight is 40 lbs., therefore the beginner shooters may have some difficulties in holding the weapon. The more they practice shooting the sooner they get used to its weight.

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2. The quietness of a hunting bow

best hunting bow

Quietness is considered to be a very important factor in choosing a hunting bow. Imagine you are following your prey for some time and finally decide to shoot it and the noise of your  hunting bow is so high that it fears the prey and it runs away. In this situation you fail to kill the animal or you just injure it, the latter is worse. That is why a hunting bow should be enough quiet not to fear the prey. The hunting process becomes noisy also because of the vibration of a weapon, which may also cause serious injury of the hunter’s hand. There are some stabilizers and silencers that make the noise of a recurve hunting bow quieter. They are not so much expensive and every shooter can buy it to make the weapon quiet. So the quietness is an important factor to take into consideration when buying a recurve hunting bow.

3. The length of a hunting bow

best hunting bow

This is a factor that is very important when buying a new recurve hunting bow. The more the length of a  hunting bow is, the more exact your shooting will be. The minimum length of a hunting bow is 58 inches. That is why we see that all the recurve  hunting bows of good quality are long.

4. Takedown or not

Safe transportation of a recurve hunting bow is to be organized in order not to damage the weapon. A hunting bow that is takedown is divided into pieces that gives an opportunity to make it smaller and therefore it becomes easier to transport the weapon.  But if you can guarantee the safe transportation without detaching  the limbs from the  riser, then you do not need to take into consideration if  a recurve hunting bow is takedown or not.

5. Best hunting bow price

best hunting bow

The price of a recurve hunting bow is also very important factor to take into account when you buy it. The prices differ from type to type and the brands manufacturing various bows offer numbers  of collections with different prices. If you are a beginner hunter then you must be ready to pay much money for both your bow and its accessories. It will cost you at least 250 dollars to buy a recurve hunting bow. But it is just the starting price and there are also very expensive variants.

It is well known that the more expensive something is the higher quality it will have and vice versa the cheaper something is the poorer the quality and the form  will be. So if you decide to become a professional hunter, then you have to pay much to reach your goals. Besides one should take into consideration the fact that when something is of high quality, one does not have to spend extra money on repairing or replacing it. That is to say the best choice will be the choice of the expensive variations and not the cheaper ones.

6. The level of a hunter’s professionalism

The type of a hunting bow differs depending on the level of a hunter’s professionalism.  If a hunter is beginner he should chose a recurve hunting bow that is intended for the beginners. It should not be heavy and difficult to use. By the time you  become more professional and you have chance to choose the other variations.

There are some types of a recurve hunting bows, that are just for the most professional hunters and the beginners cannot use. So one should take into consideration what kind of recurve hunting bow to buy proper to the level of one’s professionalism in hunting process.

7. The brand of a recurve hunting bow

best hunting bow

There are some hunters who like this or that brand of a recurve hunting bow. A hunter buys a weapon from a brand that is his favorite  and every time the brand manufactures a new version he buys it. But these type of hunters are not  so much, as  recurve hunting bows are very expensive and are  not intended for buying.

8. The prey the hunter is going to kill

The factor of the prey is also important  before buying the weapon. The types and the sizes of recurve hunting bows differ depending  on what kind of animal a hunter is going to kill. For example you cannot kill both a bear and a rabbit with one and the same recurve hunting bow. The bows should differ from each other according to their characteristic features.

So the main factors that the buyer of a hunting bow should take into consideration are very important before buying the best hunting bow for his needs.