Bear Super Kodiak Review

Along with the Bear Grizzly, the Bear Super Kodiak is a legendary Bow. The Super Kodiak is a superior hunting bow and has been so since it’s debut in 1967. This is a classic bare bow and one of the most popular hunting bows ever produced.


The Super Kodiak has been around since 1967, and that longevity certainly works in its favor. The Super Kodiak is a powerful hunting bow that’s comfortable to hold and shoots smoothly.


It doesn’t accept a sight or accessories, which may put off some archers.

Bear Super Kodiak ReviewThe Super Kodiak, and other incarnations of the Kodiak line, have been a standard fixture of the hunting season for more than half a century and there are only a very few bows that can compete with it. At 45 and 50 pounds there is no animal in the Western Hemisphere it can’t take down.

The Bear Super Kodiak is a one piece recurve, meant to be shot bare bow, instinctively, point gap or string walking. It has proven to be an extremely durable bow and original Super Kodiaks have been known to serve several generations of bow hunters. It is smooth with no stack reported, fits well with a good stance and delivers a powerful arrow with perfect consistency.

The riser is Dymondwood, the limbs, clear maple and glass. As with the Bear Grizzly it has a shelf cut past the center, which is covered in bear hair, and comes with tips that have been reinforced to accept Fast Flight strings. It is a bit heavier than many bows at 3 pounds, but does provide improved stability because of it, and is classically durable.

The Bear Super Kodiak shoots smoothly and accurately. Advanced bow hunters claim an ethical range for it of between fifty and sixty yards even with big game such as elk, moose or bison. At sixty inches it is manageable in a blind or tree stand, and three pounds is certainly not onerous for spot and stalk. It also performs well as a field archery bow for both 3D and target shooting, though its raison de etre is hunting.

The Bear Super Kodiak is not made to be accessorized. It comes from a less technical time, when the archer, not the bow, was the focus. It is crafted, and beautifully so, to be an extension of the archer, and answer his every thought. It is a purist’s hunting bow in every sense of the word and one of the very few at the top of the line.

The Super Kodiak is an easy bow to shoot, and a comfortable one, however other factors make it more an intermediate, or advanced bow as opposed to a beginning bow. It is a specialist’s bow, a hunting bow, and only produced in heavier weights. The Bear Super Kodiak is an expensive bow, with a list price putting it up there with the more expensive production bows and some customs. It is a classic bow and is still moderately expensive.

The Bear Super Kodiak Features:

  • Draw weight 45 – 60#
  • AMO Length: 60″
  • Brace Height: 7.5 – 8.5””
  • Mass Weight: 3 lbs.

It is sold for either hand.

Bear Super Kodiak Review – Final Thoughts

The Bear Super Kodiak is one of the premier purist hunting bows. It is one of the most popular hunting bows and has been for about half a century. It is smooth, easy to shoot and handle as well as powerful and accurate. Price wise it lists with the top production line bows, though it is frequently discounted.

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