PSE Mustang Review

The PSE Maverick is PSEs love note to the pure bare bow, instinctive shooting hunter. It has been called a “beast” and it delivers arrows that jump out of the bow like greased lightning and hit like a Mac truck. It is an all wood take down recurve with an attitude and there is no game animal in the western hemisphere that can’t be taken with it.


The Maverick is lightning fast and dead accurate. It is a very solid hunting bow with a great design that is comfortable and stable throughout the shot. It is a great value for what it costs and delivers on its promises.


The Maverick is not a bow for beginners, it takes a purist attitude and is aggressively traditional. The grip is bare wood, and a shooting glove is usually necessary. There are some reports that the limbs have a tendency to twist.

PSE Mustang ReviewFor the purist who enjoys hunting with a bare bow there are few better values than the Maverick. While there are bows that are at least its equal and some may say superior, not one of those bows is in the same low price range. And none that are considered better that aren’t at least twice it’s price.

A take down recurve the Maverick has an all hardwood riser, in black walnut and cherry, that, like most all wood risers does have a tendency to age. It requires a certain amount of care and maintenance that is not required with metal risers. It should be polished and cleaned at least twice a year, and after any use in inclement weather.

The limbs for the Mustang are walnut and maple, laminated. While the lamination does protect and preserve the limbs, they still need to be taken care of in the same way as the riser. For the purist, the Mustang is an all wood bow, and any all wood bow is high maintenance. Also the limbs tend to be a bit sensitive, as twists have been reported in them.

The Maverick is a powerful, fast and accurate bow, but also in many ways unfriendly, and loud. You can hear it clearly as the arrow leaves the bow and it hits hard enough to deliver a solid clunk when it hits. It can be quieted, but it is meant to shoot bare bow and only a real master does that beyond thirty yards so the arrow gets there almost as fast as the sound.

The Maverick isn’t really meant to accept much in the way of accessories. An arrow rest is about the limit. The maverick is designed to be shot instinctively and bare bow.

The PSE Maverick is a purist’s hunting bow, meant to be shot within a maximum forty yard range and at that, only by an archer who has honed his skills to a high degree. Beginners will not appreciate the bow for what it is, and getting it would likely just frustrate them.

The PSE Mustang Features:

  • Draw weight 40 – 55#
  • AMO Length: 60″
  • Brace Height: 7 – 7.5””
  • Mass Weight: 3 lbs.

It is sold for either hand.

PSE Mustang Review – Final Thoughts

PSE Mustangs are specialty bows for the instinctive bare bow shooting hunter, they are not built for other types of shooting beyond some target shooting to practice and tune the bow for hunting season. They are not friendly to beginners and aren’t accessorized for target or field archery.

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