Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Review

Hoyt’s Gamemaster 2 is a technologically advanced bow using lessons learned from Olympic competition and applying them to a hunting platform. In the case of the Gamemaster 2 the result is a very friendly and versatile bow that works well in target, field, and hunting situations alike.


The Gamemaster 2 is fast, stable and accurate. It is also very forgiving of beginner’s mistakes.


Priced in the intermediate range, it may be a little too pricey for unsure beginners and it does require some rather careful tuning to achieve it’s highest potential.

Hoyt GamemasterA lot of people find the Gamemaster 2 to be an ugly bow, and the tech needs that shape it certainly aren’t based on any aesthetic considerations. The design is ergonomic, which means it feels right, it delivers comfort rather than looks. The Gamemaster 2 virtually ends blisters and wrist slap.

A take down recurve the Gamemaster 2 is a very fast bow, the high tech design transferring energy to the arrow with a seldom matched efficiency. Still, with proper tuning, the Gamemaster 2 is a forgiving and accurate bow, which works for both the beginning and the expert archer. The efficient transfer of energy to the arrow leaves little left to vibrate the bow so the Gamemaster 2 also rates very highly in stability.

The riser is what some have called an eccentric mixture of maple and aluminium machined to technological considerations that make the most of the state of the art in technology, ergonomics, and physics.

The Gamemaster 2 is a technologically advanced machine with so many innovations that it begs the question of whether or not it can even be called a traditional bow.

Like the riser the limbs of the Gamemaster 2 make the most of state of the art technology to smoothly send an arrow on it’s way in a lightning fast fashion. The limbs are engineered for the most modern innovations in technology for strings as well, and fast flight technology is an integral part of what make the Gamemaster 2 a very desirable bow for most purposes.

The Gamemaster 2 is drilled for every modern state of the art accessory. A fully accessorized Gamemaster 2 can be accessorized for target shooting, field archery and even fishing with no muss or fuss.

Use the latest sights, scopes, even laser sights on it like it was built to accept them. Stabilizers aren’t a necessity, but some archers prefer their feel and the Gamemaster 2 accepts that.

As the name implies the Gamemaster 2 is a hunting bow. It has a range that is greater than most bow hunters need to make ethical shots, and the power it has makes any game fair prey. Still in all many beginners find it a top tier target bow and a fantastic learning tool

The Hoyt Gamemaster 2 isn’t the cheapest bow on the block, though it doesn’t touch the custom, high end range. Gamemaster 2 is a technologically advanced bow and you do pay for state of the art technology.

The Gamemaster 2 Features:

  • Draw weight 30 – 65#
  • AMO Length: 62″
  • Brace Height: 7 – 8””
  • Mass Weight: 2.9 lbs.

It is sold for either hand.

Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Review – Final Thoughts

The Hoyt Gamemaster 2 is one of the most technically advanced bows on the market currently. Hoyt’s success in Olympic and other competitions have given it the technological lead among bowyers. The Gamemaster 2 takes Hoyt’s target bow innovations and puts them in a hunting platform that is also very friendly in target and field applications, as well as a great bow for beginners in the intermediate price range.

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