Samick Sage Review

This review isn’t really necessary. About all that really needs to be said is that, if you want to start in archery, go to any traditional archery site, tell them you want to be an archer, how do you start?

What you will be told is that it is best to start with the Samick Sage.


The Samick Sage draws smoothly shoots clean with minimum vibration, is easy to tune, and is about as friendly as a bow as they come. For the hobbyist it is a well made, hobbyist’s bow.


You can’t tune out vibration andriol for sale, the hand shock may begin to govern how you shoot.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve BowThe Samick Sage is the best and most reasonably priced of any quality bow for a beginning archer. It shoots smoothly and lets the archer feel the power.  It is incredibly forgiving and reasonably fast.

The Samick Sage has a completely wood riser made out of hard Maple and Olive. It has a sort of understated elegance. As a basic bow it looks like more.

The Sage is a basic bow with a vengeance, a cheap bow with an attitude. As a take down it is versatile .It is also durable, people turn over this bow to their children, and I gave one of them to my granddaughter.

The Sage accepts almost all accessories and is drilled to accommodate them. You can add a sight, stabilizer and quiver to the bow at any time, and a bow-fishing rig is also an easy hook-up.

Can you hunt with the Sage? It is actually a very accommodating hunting bow if you limit your zone to thirty yards, and it may be the most popular to fish for carp.

This is the hobbyist”s bow, and the best choice for anyone who wants to take it to the next step. The perfect bow for the beginner, price-wise and every other-wise. It is always priced well, Amazon has nice deal from time to time.

The Samick Sage Features:

  • Draw Weight: 25-65#
  • AMO Length: 62″
  • Brace Height: 7.5 – 8.25″
  • Mass Weight: 2.7 lbs.

It is sold for both hands.

Samick Sage Review – Final Thoughts

The Samick Sage Is perhaps, the best bow to begin a hobby or something more intense than that with the sport of archery.  It isn’t the best at anything, but it embodies a comfortable, fun and fulfilling hobby.

You start with the Sage and all of a sudden you and the guys from the office do your Thanksgiving Turkeys north of Arrowhead lake, or wherever they do that near you. Shoot a Sage, that’s where you might end up and it’s cheap.

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